What Are The Advantages Of Three-Layer Vibrating Screen?

Each vibrating screen of TSX has three layers, but the linear screen, banana vibrating screen, flip screen and circular vibrating screen are also designed with double-layer sieve plate and single-layer sieve plate. TSX high-frequency screen, arc screen and bar feeder only have single layer sieve plate, while TSX linear vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen and flip screen all have double layer and triple layer.

TSX high-frequency screen is mainly used for dehydration. One layer of sieve plate can achieve the dehydration effect, and several layers of sieve plate can reverse the chicken ribs; The same is true for curved screen; The bar feeder is used for feeding and pre screening. There is no need for careful screening, so only one layer of vibrating screen is used.

TSX horizontal vibrating screen, circular motion vibrating screen and banana vibrating screen are mainly used for grading. The main function of flip screen is also to screen viscous substances that are difficult to screen. The number of sieve plates and the size of sieve openings are selected according to the fineness of the particle size screened. The more sieve plates, the finer, and the less sieve plates, the rougher.

TSX vibrating screen is characterized by low noise, strong power, low energy consumption, long service life and maintenance free. The screen body of TSX vibrating screen is hydraulically pulled with HUCK bolts, and the side plates are welded seamlessly to reduce the problems that may occur with other shale shakers, such as cracking at the joints. TSX vibration exciter has high strength. It uses SKF special bolts to ensure smooth operation and long service life.

TSX sieve plate has the leading level in China. The stainless steel sieve plate with polyurethane frame has a high opening rate, which is convenient for installation, and also greatly reduces the vibration noise. Moreover, the size of a single piece is small, which is convenient for replacing local worn parts. The weight of polyurethane sieve plate is light, which can greatly reduce the load of the machine, save energy and wear resistance.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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