What Are The Advantages Of TSX Circular Motion Vibrating Screens?

Our circular vibrator is a typical vibrator. The speed and amplitude of the vibration can be adjusted according to the screening task. Adjustable unbalance quality guarantees flexibility. They work according to the principle of catapults and move in circles, but with many of their updates, they are at the forefront of technology.

We provide customers with the best product processing, not only an independent system, but also a complete concept and turnkey factory. Only a better factory concept can bring economic and technical advantages to customers. In order to best meet the specific requirements of customers, we provide customers with comprehensive testing equipment that can be used in the system testing process according to the task at hand. We also have factories in Australia and South Africa.

The circular vibrating screen is specially designed for screening materials in the quarry. It is a new type of multi-layer high-efficient vibrating screen, which is divided into one layer, two layers and three layers of circular vibrating screen. The vibration exciter is RDQ vibration exciter. The circular vibration screen has the characteristics of reliable structure, high screening efficiency, strong vibration force, durability, convenient maintenance, safe use, etc. It is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries. Here are some of their features and advantages:

  • Improves product purity — Removes excessive material from powders and liquids.
  • Increase your yield – These shakers achieve higher throughput per unit net area compared to traditional shakers.
  • Reduce your downtime – Easily remove and clean without tools.
  • Eliminate dust and smoke – Closed shielding means complete sealing.
  • Suitable for smaller Spaces – These shakers can be easily adapted to existing installations and limited headroom areas.

In addition, less power is consumed compared to complex vibrators. In this way, enterprises can save a lot of machine function costs. Due to high frequency vibration, it is only necessary to replace the screen medium regularly. Another key feature is that the vibration of the annular vibration system has a steep launching angle, and the screen surface must be further inclined to achieve the appropriate transportation speed.

As an indispensable key screening equipment in stone production industry, vibrating screen is widely used in various stone processing industries and engineering departments. As the screening equipment for multi-layer materials, customers can apply to the circular vibrating screen manufacturer for customized circular vibrating screen according to their own requirements for the size of screening materials, so as to provide users with professional production work.

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