What Are The Advantages Of TSX Mine Sieving Mesh?

Vibrating screens are widely used, and there are many types of vibrating screens, so there are many types of vibrating screens, and their uses are also very wide, such as stainless steel screens and polyurethane screens. Coal mine vibrating screens can be used for coal screening, For dehydration, the sieve can use stainless steel sieve with polyurethane frame, and all polyurethane sieve.

The sieve mesh of mine sieve is widely used and easy to use, and it is the sieve plate on the common sieving machine.Polyurethane sieve plate has good wear resistance. Polyurethane itself has a high elastic modulus, high impact absorption strength, strong wear resistance, and high tensile strength, so its bearing capacity is very high. The stainless steel mesh has sieve holes. Regular, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.

TSX’s screen has the characteristics of cleaner, wear-resistant, flexible elastic, shock absorption, not easy to clog, and has a low opening rate, uniform welding quality of the screen seam is stable, increasing the use time and high strength.For factors such as particle size and moisture content of materials, banana sieves are the most suitable for coal preparation plants.

The banana sieve can use polyurethane frame stainless steel slits, rods, woven screens and all polyurethane sieve plates; for lumps, circular vibrating screens and banana sieves can be used, and circular vibrating screens are suitable for polyurethane frame stainless steel punching rods and bars. For weaving, for desliming, linear screens and banana screens can be used. Vibrating screen is an important type of coal preparation machinery, which can operate under harsh conditions.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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