What Are The Advantages Of TSX Multi Deck Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a necessary part of vibrating screen. Multi-layer vibrating screen means that two or more screens are installed on one vibrating screen. Multi-layer linear screen is required for material classification, but multi-layer linear screen The screening effect is not guaranteed.This vibrating machine has the features of simple structure, easy maintenance, high efficiency, high feeding strength and low noise.

 Multi-layer vibrating screens have been applied to various production fields, and have been widely used in sandstone, coal mines, construction factories and other places, involving various fields. TSX vibrating screen can have 1-4 layers of sieve plates to choose from. Compared with traditional vibrating screens, a multi-layer vibrating screen can be used to screen a variety of materials and particle sizes.

The use of multi-layer vibrating screens saves floor space. Screening with multiple particle sizes saves manpower, material and financial resources. Multi-layer linear vibrating screens can classify materials into screening equipment of various specifications. With the acceleration of production rhythm, there are more multi-layer linear vibrating screens for various materials.

Multi-layer linear screens are required for material classification, but the screening effect of multi-layer linear screens cannot be guaranteed. Various materials need to be screened with different types and specifications at the same time, without having to be replaced like a single-layer screen. For vibrating sieves, several specifications of sieves and sieve materials should be provided from the respective outlets.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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