What Are The Advantages Of TSX Polyurethane Screen Mesh?

For the vibrating screen, the sieve plate is a part that directly contacts the material for screening. Among them, the polyurethane sieve plate is one of the polyurethane screens, which is also relatively easy to use. The vibrating screen is the part that contacts the most materials in the vibrating screen. , very important, working in sand making, coal preparation, ore dressing and other projects.

The metal screen is not an ordinary screen, it has a strict mesh size series, and has the functions of screening and grading materials. It has a large opening rate of the sieve plate, the sieve gap is not easy to be blocked, the screening efficiency is high, and it is wear-resistant. Long life, easy disassembly and assembly and so on.

Polyurethane sieve plate has better wear resistance. Polyurethane itself has a high modulus of elasticity, high strength to absorb impact force, high wear resistance, and high tensile strength, so its bearing capacity is very high. Stainless steel screen mesh has sieve holes. Regular, corrosion resistant and wear resistant.

Among them, the relaxation sieve plate used in the relaxation sieve, the full polyurethane sieve plate used in the banana sieve and the linear sieve, and the slotted sieve plate used in the high frequency screen are all made of polyurethane sieve, which is widely used.

TSX vibrating screen come in a wide variety of stainless steel sieves and polyurethane sieves, each with a suitable sieve. When choosing a sieve, the selection of the mesh should be based on the characteristics of the sieve, the aperture, the length of the service life, etc. These points must be carefully selected, which has a great effect on the operation of the vibrating screen and the wear resistance of the material. , Corrosion resistance, with or without magnetism are all affected.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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