What Are The Advantages Of TSX SKF Vibrating Screen Bearings?

Vibrating screens are mostly used in mines, coal mines, buildings and other places, and the following is the bearing of the vibrating screen, which is one of the important parts of the vibrating screen; the bearing of the vibrating screen of TSX uses SKF vibrating bearings, which can support and guide The machine rotates and oscillates, which can transfer the load when the vibrating screen is in motion, can provide high-precision and low-friction motion, so as to achieve high-speed operation, and can reduce noise, heat, energy, and wear.

SKF (SKF) is a global rotation-related industry in Gothenburg, Sweden. It provides us with high-quality products, and provides, overall solutions and services to help customers effectively reduce friction, extend equipment uptime, and improve equipment performance.

The bearings provided to us for the production of vibrating screens have been greatly guaranteed. SKF bearings have the characteristics of long service life, lower operating temperature, reduced maintenance work, extended maintenance intervals, reduced number of shutdowns, and improved safety.

TSX vibrating screens With good operation engineering, the maintenance amount of the vibrating screen is reduced, the life is longer, and the maintenance cycle is long.

The vibrating screen will heat up in a short period of time when it is working, and the bearing will be overheated, which will damage the bearing, cause frequent maintenance of the vibrating screen, and cost high maintenance costs.

The service life of the SKF vibrating bearing selected by TSX is longer than that of other vibrating screen bearings. Twice as fast, it runs cooler and requires less maintenance, lower repair costs, less downtime and a corresponding increase in safety.

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