What Are The Advantages Of Vibrating Screen?

1.When sieving viscous and wet ores, the sieve holes are not easy to be blocked, and the working index higher than other sieves; 

2. The structure of the vibrating screen is simple, and the operation and adjustment are convenient;

3.Screening consumes less electric energy per ton of material. The vibrating screen has high quality and performance, superior performance, and strong development potential. It is the best-selling equipment in the market.

4.A unique high-frequency vibrating screen structure equipment is adopted. This design can easily break the surface tension of the material, and accelerate the high-speed oscillation of the particulate material on the surface of the screen, thereby accelerating the separation speed of high-density (large specific gravity) materials, and greatly increasing the separation of materials smaller than the mesh of the screen.

5. The probability of sieve contact creates good separation conditions, so that materials smaller than the sieve mesh, especially the particles with larger specific gravity, can be screened and separated quickly.

6.Before the test run, the equipment should be started first, and then it can be loaded evenly until it is fully loaded after it is running normally.

7. Before stopping the test run, stop feeding first, and stop the machine after the material in the cylinder is completely discharged.

8.It is strictly forbidden to make adjustments while the equipment is running.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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