What Are The Angles Of The Different TSX Vibrating Screen?

Mining vibrating screen needs to adjust the slope of the screen surface according to the screened material when it is installed, which needs to be decided on site according to the actual situation. Different types of vibrating screen angle is different, light vibrating screen in the factory before the motor angle and so on are adjusted before delivery, but large vibrating screen will need to be adjusted at the site. The more common installation angle of vibrating screen is greater than 30 degrees. Different uses and types may all have different angles.

The inclination angle of universal vibrating screen is 0-15 degrees, while the inclination angle of the discharge end of dewatering vibrating screen is 5-10°. Horizontal vibrating screen used in mineral processing and other industries.

Usually the screen surface of the linear sieve needs to have a certain angle to promote better material can be discharged and the angle between the horizontal surface is usually less than 15 degrees, can be screened for special materials. Increase the inclination, but should not exceed 25 degrees. Normally, the angle of the motor of the vibrating screen is usually set at 45°.

The correct angle of the circular vibrating screen has a great influence on the bad trajectory of the material on the screen surface, and the scientific and reasonable angle can ensure the smooth operation of the vibrating screen. Usually, the larger the screening angle, the greater the output of the vibrating screen, and the smaller the angle, the smaller the output.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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