What Are The Angles Of The TSX Horizontal Vibrating Screen?

Now let me talk about the angle of the horizontal screen.

  1. 1. When you want the materials on the screen surface to disperse around quickly or speed up the diffusion, you need to reduce the motor angle of the rotary vibrating screen, such as 30 degrees, 20 degrees, or smaller. The smaller the angle, the faster the materials will spread around, otherwise, the slower it will be. When the angle reaches 9 degrees, the materials will concentrate toward the center of the screen surface.
  2. 2. The running track of materials on the screen surface of the linear screen makes it impossible to completely classify small particle materials and large particle materials. Usually, the problem is the angle of vibration motor. Generally, the motor angle of the linear screen is adjusted to 65 degrees when it leaves the factory. In use, the motor angle can be adjusted according to the screening of materials. To change the running track of materials on the screen surface. The screening accuracy is improved.
  3. 3. During operation, the operator should be familiar with the equipment and read the installation and operation instructions in detail. The operator shall read the work records before starting work and make records during the shift. In case of any problem, the operator shall find the maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance and startup/shutdown in a timely manner, which shall conform to the process sequence. Except for special circumstances, it is strictly prohibited to stop with materials and continue to feed materials to the screen machine after shutdown. During the operation of the screen machine, touch the bearing cover with your hand at the middle and end of each shift, check the bearing temperature, and observe the operation of the screen machine when checking the amplitude of the screen machine under normal load and large load.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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