What Are The Angles Of The TSX Linear Vibrating Screen?

The linear vibrating screen is a rectangular vibrating screening equipment, which uses two vibrating motors as the power source to make the materials enter from the feed inlet, and produce several specifications of materials above and below the screen through the multi-layer screen, and discharge them from their respective outlets. Linear shale shaker is a commonly used equipment, and almost all of them have used it. So what are the precautions for linear shale shaker introduced by the editor today?

  1. The motor base of the linear vibrating screen has an angle, which is generally the three forces of upward, downward and inclined 45 degree motor on the box, which is also a three-dimensional force, so that the materials move upward and forward in the box, resulting in the screening effect. Of course, this angle should not be too large. If the angle is too large, the materials will not be screened upward, resulting in a low degree of fineness. Of course, if the angle is too small, The material will not be discharged, so it is necessary to.

Pay attention to things.

  1. The inclination angle of the box should be designed according to the materials. When purchasing the linear shale shaker, it is necessary to report its material characteristics, output and other parameters to the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can select a suitable model for corresponding design. In this way, it is very comfortable to use after purchase, and the manufacturer will design according to the different materials.
  2. The linear vibrating screen is placed horizontally, because the vibration angle is 45 ° in design. If it is placed horizontally, various parameters of the machine will reach the best state,

Our noodle shop makes the running speed and processing of materials reach an ideal state, so it is generally not recommended to put them on the slope. But if there is something special in material handling

If required, you can properly adjust the status of the linear vibrating screen. It is recommended that your adjustment range be within 10 “. Otherwise, the screening efficiency may be very low.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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