What Are The Bolts Of The TSX Vibrating Screens?

Vibrating screen accessory bolts are special standard bolts for vibrating screen, made of stainless steel, wholesale and retail. Vibrating screen accessories Bolts and screen Vibrating screen Precautions for repair and maintenance Bolts Rotary vibrating screen is a high-precision fine powder screening machine with high screening accuracy, high volume, where ring groove rivets are used to connect, high-strength bolts are allowed to replace the high-strength bolts between the woven vibrating screen and the screen bracket.

Due to the high rotating speed of the main shaft of the shale shaker and the strong vibration of the screen body, the wire rope and the rope sleeve are partially accelerated to wear. In addition, the wire rope is flexible, and it is easy to impact the accessories bolts of the shale shaker when it bounces up and down.

Loosening of the bolts of the shale shaker is common, but if not noticed, it will often cause vibration of the shale shaker equipment and damage of components. How to tighten small nuts has always been the theme of vibrating screen design. We have learned more about this, such as eccentric nuts in Japan, down nuts and self tightening nuts in China, but today we will not talk about the stars in these fasteners. Let’s talk about the basic method to solve the problem.

There are three locking methods for commonly used nuts: friction locking, mechanical locking, and friction locking.

As the basic industry in China’s industrialization process, the vibrating screen bolt mill industry has high technology content, high industrial relevance.Significant characteristics of economies of scale. The coarseness and fineness of sand refers to the average coarseness and fineness of sand particles with different particle sizes mixed at Degrees.

Zhengzhou Liming Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. absorbs the technical advantages of similar products of Company.The new crusher developed by ingeniously combining the principle of stone striking iron makes the sand production line more efficient and lower cost. shadow

There are many factors that affect the production capacity and efficiency of the counterattack. Such as rotor speed, stone hardness and strength, feeding particle size, finished product particle size and so on.

After the bolts of the daily shale shaker are loosened, it will cause abnormal noise, component displacement and other faults. At first, the bolts will be loosened. If they are not found in time, they will fall off and break.

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