What are the characteristics and advantages of TSX horizontal vibrating screen?

The use rate of horizontal vibrating screen in screening equipment is very high, is also one of the mainstream screening equipment, only to understand the characteristics of the product can be better selection, the following for you to explain the main characteristics of horizontal vibrating screen.

horizontal vibrating screen features:

  1. horizontal vibrating screen screening precision is high, no dust pollution, is conducive to environmental protection.
  1. horizontalvibrating screen vibration parameters are reasonable, stable performance.

The productivity of horizontal shaker is directly related to the shaker screening efficiency, and the productivity per unit area is only meaningful under the premise of a certain vibration screening efficiency. In horizontal vibrating screen of choose and buy.

So you understand the characteristics of the material and how to achieve by the end of the screening effect, the processing details tell of vibrating screen manufacturers such as technical engineers, and they introduced the characteristics of vibrating screen and screening according to your experience for you to choose the appropriate vibrating screen and horizontal vibrating screen.

horizontal vibrating screen is composed of vibration motor, screen box, screen mesh, vibration transmission body and vibration reduction device. The vibrating screen is suitable for processing large output requirements, the precision is not too high granular material.

horizontal vibrating screen vibrator has the following advantages:

(1) Small height and light weight. Because the simple vibrator is installed on the screen box, do not have to use the structure of the heavy I-beam, so the height of the screen box is small, the center of gravity is reduced, the quality is reduced, and the stability of the seat type screen work is increased.

(2) the excitation force is equivalent to the uniform load along the entire screen width, the installation accuracy is easy to ensure, and the error has little influence on the amplitude of each point of the screen box.

(3) the processing and manufacturing of eccentric block is more convenient.

(4) Convenient arrangement of the transmission motor.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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