What Are The Characteristics And Functions Of High-Frequency Screen?

High frequency vibrating screen adopts cylindrical eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to adjust amplitude. The material screen has long flowing line, many screening specifications, reliable structure, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, low vibration noise, durability, convenient maintenance, safe use, etc. High frequency vibrating screen is widely used for product classification in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry and other industries..

Characteristics of high-frequency vibrating screen

  1. No rotating parts, no need to add lubricating oil;
  2. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, durable, low failure rate;
  3. The vibrator uses the resonance principle. It works in the critical resonance state of the double mass, requires small driving power, has no large starting current when starting, and has low noise;
  4. After the vibrator is started, the amplitude can reach the working stability value instantaneously. When stopping, its amplitude will disappear instantly, and it is allowed to start and stop directly under rated voltage, current and amplitude.
  5. The exciting force or amplitude of the screen body is adjustable. The particle size of products under the screen can be controlled by changing the exciting force of the screen body (adjusting the exciting force). It is very beneficial to ensure the concentrate grade of ores with different crystal sizes;

6.Linear high-frequency high-frequency vibrating screen makes particles and screen surface move vertically, so it has high screening efficiency and large production capacity. The relative motion between particles and screen surface is mainly parallel bar screen, plane high-frequency high-frequency vibrating screen, cylinder screen, etc., with low screening efficiency and production capacity.


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