What Are The Characteristics Of Eccentric Shaft Design For TSX Vibrating Screen?

Every profession of our country got considerable progress after the reform and open policy. The application of vibrating screen is more and more widely, but at the same time, the performance of vibrating screen has new requirements.

In this context, China’s vibration technology has made considerable progress through independent research and development and absorption and digestion of foreign advanced technology. Has developed DYS large round vibrating screen, YA type circular vibrating screen, ZKX series linear screen and SZZ type self-centering vibrating screen.

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In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the development of vibrating screen at home and abroad. At present, the development of vibrating screen has been toward large, intelligent, efficient concentration, long service life direction.

The leading companies of vibration machinery products in the world mainly include SCHENCK Company in Germany, ALIS-CHALMERS Company in the United States, HITACHI Company in Japan, etc. Their products represent the mainstream trend of the development of vibration screen in the world.

As we all know, SZZ series center screen and simple inertia screen spindle for concentric shaft, the principle is: by the bearing step, bias plate step, belt pulley step, fastening thread composition, by the weight block high-speed rotation to produce vibration power. The Y series circular vibrating screen spindle produced by Xinxiang vibration screening machine manufacturer is an eccentric shaft, and the advantages of eccentric shaft and straight shaft compared to the following are introduced:

1, by using the eccentric shaft as the main shaft, the middle of the eccentric mass high-speed rotation, can achieve balance (reduce) the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the two biased disc shaft bending moment; At the same time, the axial diameter of the eccentric shaft is smaller than that of the straight shaft, and it is used as the spindle to save the material and reduce the screen weight to a certain extent; The straight shaft has a bending trend, which will produce axial tension on the bearing;

2, the use of eccentric shaft, the center of the shaft eccentric body and biased disk as high speed rotation will also produce centrifugal vibration force, so that can strengthen the vibration strength, to ensure the screening effect of Y series circular vibrating screen, large vibrating screen produced by vibration screening machine manufacturers (especially the screen surface wider screen) are generally designed with eccentric shaft;

3,For the bearing step, there is also a design of taper shaft step, which is used to expand the bearing with tight fixed bushing and taper. In theory, it is easy to assemble bearings with tight and fixed bushing, but because the machining accuracy of tight and fixed bushing taper is difficult to ensure, the phenomenon of bearing loosening and grinding bushing and shaft often occurs.

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