What Are The Characteristics Of TSX Circular Vibrating Screen Separator?

The TSX circular vibrating screen separator is not named because it is a circular screen, but because the movement of the screen box is circular or oval. Circular vibrating screen separator is a common and efficient kind of vibrating screen.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

The vibration generated by its vibration source is around the shaft, and the direction changes at any time, it is powered by centrifugal force, its working principle is that the vibrating screen starts to do jumping movement by vibration together, the movement track is circular, through vibration, the screen surface will also receive vibration force.

The material on the screen surface will be screened out through the screen hole, the small material will reach the next layer and the large material will stay on the screen surface and finally excluded from the discharge port, its inclination angle.

There are many kinds of circular vibrating screen, there will be multi-layer style, the movement track of the screen box is circular or oval, using standard modulus polyurethane combination screen plate, not easy to block, more convenient screening, and the structure is simple and convenient to use, is a new type of high-efficiency vibrating screen suitable for one or two material classification.

Large excitation force and long service life, each part has its own role, ring groove rivet coupling structure advanced, strong and durable; using imported FFT professional frequency analyzer for frequency response and dynamic analysis, the whole machine working system is S1, to ensure 24 hours of stable and continuous work characteristics.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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