What Are The Characteristics Of TSX Eccentric Circular Vibrating Screen?

Eccentric vibrating screen is called eccentric vibrating screen because the screen vibrates due to the high-speed rotation of eccentric transmission shaft. TSX eccentric circular vibrating screen is a circular vibrating screen that places eccentric blocks outside the vibrating screen body.

TSX eccentric circular vibrating screen is characterized by light weight, low energy consumption, low operating noise and maintenance free. Its screen body surface adopts the finite element analysis method to make its structure reasonable. All components are subject to the anti-corrosion treatment of sandblasting and painting, and all mating surfaces are waterproof, which can adapt to the harsh environment on site.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

The drive system of the vibration exciter is sealed with SKF special bearing, with strong driving force, firm structure, reliable operation, and long service life. The sieve plate adopts the domestic leading level, with high opening rate, difficult plugging of the sieve seam, good medium removal and dehydration effect, and long service life.

Before leaving the factory, TSX eccentric circular motion shale shaker will undergo some professional static and dynamic tests to ensure the conformity of the product. In addition, our screen machine can be designed according to customer requirements and provide on-site assembly services. If necessary, please contact us from the website, and we will take every request and question seriously.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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