What Are The Characteristics Of TSX High-Frequency Vibrating Screen?

TSX high-frequency vibrating screen is a vibrating screen for dehydration, which is mainly used for dehydration of coal foam, slime, or non-coal fine sand.

The sieve plates used in the TSX high-frequency vibrating screen are polyurethane frame stainless steel slotted sieve plates and all polyurethane slotted sieve plates, which are leading in China. They have high porosity, small orifice diameter and higher dehydration than other sieve plates. The TSX high-frequency vibrating screen body uses the finite element analysis method to eliminate the stress concentration and make its structure reasonable.

The side plate is designed without welding seam, and the HUCK rivet hydraulic tension assembly is selected to ensure that the overall structure has no residual stress, and the appearance is novel and beautiful. The vibration exciter of TSX high-frequency vibrating screen is a double shaft vibration exciter of ZDQ series.

ZDQ Series Vibration Exciter For Dehydration Vibrating Screen

It adopts SKF special vibration bearing, with super large excitation force and long service life. It is light in structure, well-sealed, fast in heat dissipation, low in noise, convenient in maintenance, durable and reliable.

Before leaving the factory, each screen machine of TSX high-frequency vibrating screen shall be subject to various dynamic and static performance tests with professional instruments to ensure that the products are qualified. TSX high-frequency vibrating screen is light in weight, low in energy consumption and maintenance free.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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