What Are The Characteristics Of TSX Single Deck Vibrating Screen?

TSX vibrating screen is a high-efficiency and energy-saving grading and dewatering equipment, which plays an important role in coal mines, construction, and ore production. The working principle of the single-layer vibrating screen and the multi-layer vibrating screen is the same. They all rely on the exciter of the exciting motor to generate the exciting force to drive the sieve to vibrate for sieving, and the material will be subjected to force on the sieve plate. Movement is carried out above, and sieving is carried out.

Vibrating screens are widely used nowadays, and there are many types to choose from, including banana screens, linear screens, circular vibration screens, high-frequency screens, curved screens, etc., and there are various specifications, sizes and layers to choose from. Single deck vibrating screen is a kind of screening machine built with only one screen plate, with an inlet and outlet.

Single-layer vibrating screen can screen one kind of material, multi-layer can screen multiple or one kind of material, single-layer can only screen out one precision, and multi-layer can screen with multiple precision , but the screening of single-layer materials can appropriately increase the amount of feeding, and the processing amount is determined according to the diameter of the screen surface. The diameter of a single-layer vibrating screen is higher than that of a multi-layer vibrating screen, so the feeding amount can also be increased. Big, big output.

The components of a single deck vibrating screen are no different from those of a multi deck.The single-layer linear vibrating screen also has the following components: Side Plate、Exciter Beam、Lifting Beam、Cross Beam、Back Plate、Exciter、Intermediate Shaft、Drive Shaft、Drive Set、Spring.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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