What Are The Characteristics Of TSX Vibrating Screen Bearing Grease?

In different scenarios, bearing grease is usually divided into five types, but the vibrating screen bearing grease is usually vibration and impact resistant grease. Next, I will introduce these five bearing grease types to you.


One, General purpose multi-purpose grease. General multi-purpose grease is suitable for normal load, normal temperature, also known as automotive and industrial known as automotive and industrial general grease. This grease has good properties, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance and is suitable for most applications such as -25°C to +140°C agricultural equipment, washing machines, material handling equipment, general machinery, low power motors, automotive wheel bearings, small tools, etc.


Two, heavy duty high load grease. Heavy DUTY AND HIGH LOAD GREASE IS SUITABLE FOR APPLICATIONS WITH high bearing STRESS. It is a multi-purpose extreme pressure grease specially designed for intensive applications in heavy industry (steel industry, construction, transportation, etc.). This grease has excellent performance at high load, high speed and low speed, good performance when there is water, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for -25°C to +140°C in heavy weight applications, such as high-power motor, conveyor, lifting equipment, truck wheel hub, water pump, press, etc.


Three, vibration and impact resistant grease. Vibration and impact resistant greases are suitable for applications that withstand high levels of vibration or impact loads. It is a grease specifically designed for high load applications in quarries, cement plants, civil and agricultural engineering, and humid environments, such as vibrating screen bearing grease. This bearing has excellent impact resistance, high level of vibration and heavy load, as well as excellent water resistance, from -25°C to +140°C is suitable for bucket spindle, grinder, crusher, vibrating screen, washing machine, industrial fan, etc.

Four, high temperature grease. As the name suggests, high temperature greases are extremely resistant to high temperatures, providing long-term stable lubrication at low and high temperatures from -40°C to +180°C. This grease has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low noise. Therefore, it is not only suitable for high temperature environment, such as dryer, oven conveyor, textile machinery and paper processing machinery, but also suitable for motors, generators, pumps, etc.


Five, special industries special grease. In addition to the commonly used grease, in some special environment, there are also some special grease, such as high speed servo motor, using the ME – 1 the captain of the electrical life of grease, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, low granular solid lubricating grease, interstellar space, vacuum grease, low (high) temperature grease, food-grade grease, grease and other insulation.

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