What Are The Characteristics Of TSX Vibrating Screen Deck?

Different materials, different structures of screen plates, screen plates have different materials and screening particle size, which has a great relationship with the service life and efficiency of the vibrating screen, different materials and different scenarios require different choices of screen plates. The screen plate should have sufficient strength, high opening rate and not easy to block, the following are the characteristics of various TSX’s screen plate.

Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve High Frequency Sand Mesh Sieve
 Stainless steel woven sieve plate, advantages: compared with other mesh sieve plate has the advantage of high open aperture rate, suitable for: classification of materials with high open aperture rate; polyurethane frame stainless steel perforated sieve plate, advantages:

High open aperture rate, impact resistance, easy to install, low vibration noise, can be partially replaced damaged parts, suitable for: classification of bulk materials;

stainless steel slit sieve plate, advantages: high open aperture rate, dewatering than ordinary sieve plate suitable for The advantages of stainless steel curved sieve plate: non-magnetic, wear-resistant, high corrosion resistance, the advantages of high-efficiency curved sieve plate:

High porosity, light weight, high corrosion resistance; polyurethane slit sieve plate, the advantages of: high porosity, dewatering than ordinary sieve plate, suitable for: material dewatering; relaxed sieve plate, the advantages of: no skeleton, flexible elastic, suitable for: the chill sieve.

 The choice of sieve plate: below 3mm is just slit sieve plate, 3mm~13mm can be slit sieve plate, woven sieve plate, also can be perforated sieve plate, 13mm~50mm can be woven sieve plate, flexible rod sieve plate, also can be perforated sieve plate. Those larger than 50mm can be perforated screen panels or bar screen panels.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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