What Are The Characteristics Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

TSX Vibrating screen is used for desliming, desliming, dehydration, classification of all kinds of vibrating screen, relaxation screen, circular vibrating screen, arc screen, centrifuges, and other washing equipment. And for large coal groups to provide imported coal preparation equipment spare parts processing, major parts replacement and provide equipment overhaul services.

With low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, large processing capacity, long service life, convenient maintenance, low price, favored by the majority of customers. It is the best choice for large screening equipment with demand.

The vibration of the vibrating screen will make the screen plate together to produce plane gyratory motion, and in the operation process, the motor of the vibrating screen machine is connected with the vibrator through the belt or soft connection. Vibrating screen is usually used for grading with low frequency and large amplitude vibrating screen, so that it is easier to sieve, for dewatering, desmearing should be selected with high frequency and small amplitude vibrating screen, for screening viscous material operation should be selected with low frequency and large amplitude.

According to the different characteristics of the material can choose the appropriate vibrating screen equipment, to screen, must be the correct selection of vibrating screen, the material used in each industry is not the same as the requirements of the vibrating screen, it is also very important, the type of different parts of the vibrating screen is not exactly the same, the purpose of the vibrating screen is also the choice of different kinds of vibrating screen point of attention.

The vibrating screen adopts eccentric block as vibration force, strong vibration force, sieve beam and sieve box with high strength bolts, simple structure, convenient maintenance; Adopt tire coupling, flexible connection, smooth operation; Using small amplitude, high frequency, large Angle structure, so that the machine screening efficiency is high, maximum processing, long life, low power consumption, low noise.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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