What Are The Characteristics Of Vibrating Gold Sieve?

The traditional vibration screen of the special screen for mining gold has the following characteristics:

  1. Sectional screening, the overall screen machine does not vibrate, the screen mesh vibrates, and the screening efficiency is high;
  2. A variety of anti blocking screen technologies are adopted for the gold screen. No matter the working conditions, the gold screen can avoid blocking holes and maintain high screening efficiency;
  3. Strong environmental protection. Under the working condition of high dust, the fully enclosed structure is adopted to prevent dust from leaking and respond to environmental requirements;
  4. Strong energy saving. The gold screen has few moving parts and small vibration mass, reducing the power.
  5. PLC control system:

The gold screen uses PLC to control the start, stop, manual, remote control and other actions of the entire braking gold level equipment;

  1. Maintainability:

Only the screen mesh and the vibration exciter assembly participate in the vibration of the gold screen. We make it into modular and standardized parts, which is convenient for rapid replacement as a whole, greatly reducing the online maintenance time for ground maintenance, and winning valuable time for production;

  1. Lower operating costs:

The gold screen has few vibrating parts, small mass of vibrating parts and small power. It is the one with lower power among all sieve machines. The low operating cost of the gold screen is incomparable to that of the traditional screen, which can greatly save money for users.

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