What Are The Circular Motion Vibrating Screen Parts?

Circular motion vibrating screen is a classic equipment in the screening industry, which is often used for the classification of ultra-fine materials, because the high-frequency wave energy of the ultrasonic generator specially added to this equipment working on the screen surface can make materials pass through the screen screen faster and prevent blocking

Circular motion vibrating screen, also known as fine vibrating screen, is a screening equipment used for screening, filtering and impurity removal of 2-500 mesh particles, powders and slurries. The equipment can be widely used for screening materials in food, medicine, chemical industry, metal metallurgy, ceramics and other industries. What parts are the circular vibrating screen composed of?

1.Bottom: Vertical vibration motor: as a power supply component, the vibration motor can be described as the “heart” of the vibrating screen. The quality of the “heart” is directly related to the size and output of the vibration power. Some special industries can be equipped with explosion-proof vibration motor;

  1. Bottom barrel: this part is used to support the screen body and carry the vibrating motor. The thickness of the shift is 3mm~6mm, which is also determined by the diameter of the equipment;
  2. Vibrating disc: this part is used to fix the vibrating motor and connect the screen body.

The upper half of the circular vibrating screen comprises a screen frame, a bundle ring, a screen mesh, a perforated plate, a screen cleaning device and an upper cover.

  1. Screen cleaning device: The screen cleaning device of circular vibrating screen can be divided into three types: bouncing ball, ultrasonic wave and rotary brush, which can be reasonably selected by users according to different production processes;

Circular vibrating screen frame:

The screen frame is mainly used to keep the screen mesh flat and ensure stable screening. It is generally made of pine wood or materials that are not easy to deform;

Sesame linear vibrating screen is generally welded with several different steel plates. The linear vibrating screen has certain strength and stiffness; Motor pedestal of linear shale shaker:

I hope that the above simple description can help you to strengthen your understanding of the circular shale shaker, and you can also consult other people who want to know about the vibrating screen.

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