What Are The Classifications Of TSX Industrial Vibrating Screen?

The goal of TSX vibrating screen is to give every user the best experience and to be the best shale shaker in the world. TSX vibrating screen is characterized by light weight, low noise, low energy consumption and long service life. The TSX vibrating screen body adopts the finite element analysis method to eliminate the stress concentration, so that the

structure design is reasonable, the weight is light, and the service life is long;

The side plate is hydraulically tensioned and assembled with HUCK rivets, and the seamless design is adopted, so that as little dust as possible enters the screen body and affects its service life. TSX exciter adopts SKF special bearing, with low noise, high strength, maintenance free, and can be used normally in the range of – 30 ℃ – 80 ℃. The sieve panel adopts the domestic leading technology, with large opening rate, difficult plugging of the screen gap, and high screening efficiency.

TSX vibrating screen is divided into 7 types, including horizontal vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, high-frequency screen, flip-flop screen, sieve bend, circular motion vibrating screen and grizzly feeder. Both horizontal vibrating screen and banana vibrating screen are used for desliming and medium removal of large and medium sized materials.

They are classified into three categories: 1-layer, 2-layer and 3-layer sieve plates. The flip-flop vibrating screen has two shapes, namely, straight line type and banana type. It also has multi-layer sieve plates, which are mostly composed of fixed sieve plates and flip-flop sieve plates. Its feeding particle size also depends on what kind of sieve panel it uses. High frequency screen and sieve bend are mainly used for dehydration, and circular motion vibrating screen is mainly used for primary or secondary classification of conventional materials;

The grizzly feeder is mainly used for feeding and prescreening. The prescreened materials are large in volume, high in hardness and easy to wear the sieve plate. Therefore, TSX chooses the wear-resistant sieve plate made of manganese steel and stainless steel.

The above is about the installation slope range of different types of vibrating screen. If you want to know more about the quotation of TSX vibrating screen, you can consult by email or telephone.

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