What Are The Components And Features Of Vibrating Screen Silica Sand?

TSX vibrating screen applies vibration force to the screen body through the vibrator, so that the material is loosened, separated, sieved, and then transported to complete the screening operation of the material. It can be used for material classification, dehydration, desliming, sorting, etc. It is widely used in mining, construction, electric power, metallurgy, food and other industries.

There are many types of vibrating screens. Although they have some differences in working principles and structures, they all have the same important components.

  1. Vibrator

The vibrator is the central part of the vibrating screen, and it mainly provides vibration force for the vibrating screen. The vibrators of the circular vibrating screen mainly include pure vibration vibrator, eccentric shaft vibrator and pulley eccentric vibrator, etc. The belt pulley eccentric vibrator is more widely used because it can make the vibrating screen structured and easy to manufacture,long life; the horizontal vibrating screen has a screen box vibrator and a cylinder vibrator, some of which can be slightly modified in structure to allow the vibrating screen to produce linear or circular motion, which can be called a dual-purpose vibrator. There are also some vibrating screen vibrators that are composed of two almost equal vibrating masses to form an excitation system.

  1. Screen box

Riveting has strong adaptability to vibration load, but the manufacturing process is more complicated; welding is simple and convenient, but the weld seam is complicated, and the internal stress is large, so it cannot withstand strong vibration, otherwise it is easy to crack; HUCK bolt connection is reliable and suitable for on-site installation.

The sieve surface (screen) is distributed with evenly sized openings, which are called sieve holes. The main materials are stainless steel, polyurethane and so on.

The fastening device is determined according to the screen hole size of the screen surface material. Generally, the punched screen surface and the slotted screen surface are fixed by wooden wedges.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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