What Are The Components Of A Gold Mine Vibrating Sieves?

According to the size of the overall gold mine vibrating sieves, the gold mine vibrating sieves will be equipped with one or two vibrating motors to rotate synchronously in opposite directions, so that the entire sieving machine can perform screening work according to the shape or function of the overall sieve.

The gold mine vibrating sieves adopts the high-performance and long-life ZDQ series vibrating motor as the excitation source, and the vibration amplitude of the screen machine can be changed by adjusting the excitation force of the vibrating motor.

The main damping system of the gold mine vibrating sieves consists of rubber springs and multiple supports. The installation method of the vibration motor of the gold mine vibrating sieves can be installed according to the requirements of the customer. The main method is the hanging type, and it can also be designed and manufactured according to the needs of the user.

Mainly used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry, electric power, and other industries, especially in the metallurgical industry, it is the most widely used screening machine under the blast furnace tank, coking plant, and mineral processing plant.

The first step for the vibrating screen to be transported to the destination before use is to remove the transport support. During the transportation of the linear vibrating screen, in order to prevent the sieve body from swinging and bumping into the carriage to cause damage to the screen machine, the linear vibrating screen will be placed on the base of the linear vibrating screen when it leaves the factory. A transportation support frame is installed between the box body to fix the screen machine to prevent bumping. Before the linear screen is put into use, the transportation support needs to be removed. If the transportation support frame is not removed, the vibrating screen can be powered on directly. The linear screen will jump and move irregularly, which is easy Physical damage.

As long as you pay attention to these small problems we mentioned, I believe that the equipment will work normally even after a long journey, and unnecessary troubles brought to production will be avoided.

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