What Are The Components Of A TSX Circular Vibrating Screen?

Circular vibrating screen, also known as fine vibrating screen, is a kind of screening equipment for 2~500 mesh particles, powder, slurry materials screening, filtering, miscellaneous screening equipment, the equipment can be widely used in food, medicine, chemical, metal metallurgy, ceramics and other industries of material screening work. So what are the components of the circular vibrating screen? The following is to explain the components and function of circular vibrating screen.

At the bottom of the first,

Circular vibrating screen bottom contains vertical vibration motor, bottom bucket, vibration plate.

1 vertical vibration motor: as a power component, the vibration motor is the “heart” of the vibrating screen, the “heart” is directly related to the size and output of the vibration force. Circular vibrating screen is used by vertical vibration motor, motor power can be selected at will from 0.18KW~4.0KW, (the larger the diameter of the equipment used by the motor power will be greater).

  1. Bottom bucket: this part plays a supporting screen body and bearing vibration motor parts, the thickness of the bench in 3mm~6mm, its thickness is determined according to the diameter of the equipment;
  2. Vibration plate: the part is played a fixed vibration motor and the connection of the screen body, the use of plate Q235 carbon steel, thickness of 4mm~6mm;

Second, the upper part

The upper half of the circular vibrating screen contains the screen frame, the bundle ring, the screen mesh, the punching plate, the cleaning device and the cover

  1. Screen frame:this part plays a constraint material, so that the material in a certain range of production parts, common material Q235 carbon steel and 304 stainless steel, material thickness in 2.0mm~3.0mm;
  2. 2. Screen mesh:direct material contact parts, play a role in improving screening accuracy and product quality, commonly used material for 304 stainless steel braided mesh;

  1. 3. Net cleaning device: circular vibrating screen net cleaning device can be divided into bouncing ball, ultrasonic, rotary brush three kinds of net cleaning device, the user can choose according to the different production process;
  2. 4. Upper cover: plays the role of sealing, which can effectively disperse dust.

The above is the name of the circular shaker components and the role played. Each vibrating screen equipment has its application field and role, and the related parts of each equipment is also needed according to the user production process to carry out a reasonable selection of production, so if you need to customize screening screening equipment please provide your detailed requirements, new Mann machinery will be tailored to your requirements for you.

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