What Are The Components Of The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a screening machine commonly used in mines. It improves the working efficiency of mines and reduces the cost of manpower. Therefore, it has been widely used in the construction industry, coal mining industry and energy industry.

The components of TSX vibrating screen include screen body, vibrating system, intermediate shaft, main drive shaft, drive system and screen plate.

The screen body is composed of side plate, vibration excitation beam, lifting beam and cross beam. The side plate is hydraulically combined with HUCK rivets. The vibration excitation beam is of box type design with high strength and light weight;


The lifting capacity is designed as round pipe, and the welding stress is eliminated by heat treatment; The cross beam is designed with round special pipes. The main welds are fully penetrated, with high strength. The surface is coated with special polyurethane, which is corrosion resistant.

TSX vibration system includes vibration exciter and excitation unit (used for flip screen and circular vibration screen), with large excitation force and long service life. The intermediate shaft of TSX shale shaker is used to connect the exciter to make both sides vibrate simultaneously; The main drive shaft is a universal connecting shaft connecting the static installation drive mechanism and the dynamic vibrating screen body, which has long service life and less maintenance;

The drive system is composed of 4-pole three-phase motor, belt drive and secondary shaft assembly. The sieve plate structure of TSX vibrating screen is of independent intellectual property rights, and the technology is leading in China.

The sieve plate has a large opening rate, the screen gap is not easy to block, the screening efficiency is high, the wear resistance service life is long, and the disassembly is convenient.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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