What Are The Components Of The TSX Vibrating Screen Equipment?

Equipment composition

The vibrating screen is generally divided into fine screening and mining screening equipment. They know little about the structure and components of the vibrating screen. Large mining vibrating screen usually consists of three parts:

The exciter, the working body and the elastic element. The exciting force that produces periodic changes makes the working body produce continuous vibration. The commonly used vibrators are inertia type, elastic connecting rod type, electromagnetic type, hydraulic or pneumatic type, etc. 

The fine screening vibrating screen is also a small vibrating screen, such as a rotary vibrating screen, a straight row screen and other small equipment. Let’s introduce the main components of the real line vibration equipment, such as the electrical cabinet, hoop frame, screen, vibrating motor, motor pedestal, damping spring, support, etc.Equipment composition

Vibrating screen generally consists of feeding structure, screen body, discharging structure, transmission structure, frame, etc. The feeding structure is composed of a feeding sleeve and a feeding box. The feed sleeve adopts an eccentric conical cylinder for buffering; The feeding box is composed of a tunable plate and a uniform baffle, which plays the role of guiding materials and regulating the flow.

The screen body of the vibrating screen is welded by steel plates and connected by bolts. It is connected to the frame through rubber springs. The screen body is composed of two layers of drawer screen frames, which are equipped with perforated steel plate screen surfaces. The transmission structure is composed of two vibration motors. The vibration motors are installed on the left and right discs of the screen body.

The two-way vibration motors are used. The eccentric weight blocks at both ends are used to generate the excitation force. The centrifugal forces generated by the two eccentric blocks offset each other in the transverse direction of the screen body, and are superimposed in the longitudinal direction of the screen body to drive the screen body to make reciprocating linear motion.

ZDQ Series Vibration Exciter For Dehydration Vibrating Screen

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TSX Screen

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