What Are The Components Of The Vibrating Screen?

As an important equipment of vibrating screen, the vibrating screen plays an important role in screening and conveying materials in production. However, after a long time of work, some vulnerable parts will suffer from wear and tear. Therefore, necessary spare parts and maintenance are required to keep the vibrating screen in a normal operation state, and at the same time, the service life of the vibrating screen can be greatly improved.

Only by meeting these characteristics can it be the choice of sieve plate. The vibrating screen equipment needs to screen continuously, so the sieve plate of vibrating screen with high strength needs to be selected to avoid fracture or other situations. It can be distinguished according to the structure, including bar sieve plate, perforated sieve plate For various kinds of sieve plates such as slit sieve plates, different sieve plates should be selected in different places to achieve better production results.

Vibrating screen equipment

The rubber spring plays a shock absorption role in the vibrating screen equipment, which can cushion part of the impact force, but the spring may also be damaged in production. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare some rubber springs when necessary.

If it is necessary to carry a large number of screening materials, it is better to choose a compound rubber spring, which is a combination of metal and rubber. The rubber with corresponding strength is selected according to the model of the vibrating screen.

As the power source of the vibrating screen, the vibration exciter is symmetrically distributed on both sides of the screen box. However, as the couplings often rotate, the coupling may break. The bearing seat of the vibration exciter should be connected by using high-strength bolts to prepare some bearings or coupling accessories.

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