What Are The Components Of TSX Circular Vibrating Screen?

Circular vibrating screen products: the overall weight of the screen machine is light, energy consumption is low, operation noise is low, and maintenance is free. Screen body structure: the finite element analysis method is used to make the structure design reasonable, eliminate stress concentration, avoid resonance, improve the reliability of the screen machine, and operate stably. It is suitable for many screening occasions. The circular vibrating screen consists of the following components:


I Sieve body

  1. The side plate is designed without welding seams, and the HUCK rivet hydraulic tension assembly is selected to ensure that the overall structure has no residual stress, and the appearance is novel and beautiful. 2. The lifting beam The lifting beam is designed with round special pipes. All welds are fully penetrated. Precision machining is carried out through a large CNC machining center.

II Vibration system:

  1. The TSX vibration exciter adopts SKF special vibration bearing, with super large excitation force and long service life, light structure, good sealing, fast heat dissipation, low noise, convenient maintenance, durable and reliable. The swing block is equipped with a variety of plug filling methods, which can combine eccentric torque or excitation force of large variables to meet different vibration indexes and use requirements.

  1. The magnetic oil plug is used to timely absorb iron filings in gear lubricating oil, Improve the quality of grease, adopt splash lubrication method, and select world-class high-quality lubricating oil to greatly improve the service effect and life of the equipment. The vibration exciter can work normally at thetemperature of – 30 ℃~+80 ℃, and is equipped with a special respirator. 
  2. The exciting unit adopts a new type of exciting unit, which is light in weight, has a wider range of exciting force regulation, has a long service life, simple structure and convenient maintenance.
  3. Drive system: The drive system is composed of 4-pole three-phase motor, belt drive and secondary shaft assembly. The main motor is a new type motor with large starting torque and fast acceleration, which can make the screen machine pass through the resonance zone quickly. The selected motor has high performance index and reliable operation.

The transmission mechanism adopts SPB belt transmission for speed regulation and deceleration to transmit power. The guide rail seat lead screw tension motor is used to adjust the belt tension, so that the belt can be used reasonably and has a long life. The countershaft assembly is composed of countershaft, SKF bearing, locking sleeve, labyrinth seal and open bearing seat, featuring reliable operation, long service life and convenient installation and maintenance.

       5.Buffer spring: steel spiral spring is used between the vibrating screen body and the installation base for vibration isolation and buffering.              The small spring stiffness reduces the dynamic load borne by the base, and the vibration reduction efficiency reaches more than 98%; The              spring wire diameter is sufficient to make the spring more resistant to fatigue and not easy to break.

Ⅲ、Screen Deck

The sieve plate has a large opening rate, the screen gap is not easy to block, the screening efficiency is high, the wear resistance service life is long, and the disassembly is convenient.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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