What Are The Composition And Principle Analysis Of TSX VibratiWng Screen  ?

(1), vibrator: produce periodic changes in the vibration force so that the working body to produce continuous vibration

(2), working body: sieve box.

(3), elastic element (spring) : including vibration isolation spring, the main vibration spring and connecting rod spring.

Vibrating screen box by steel plate and steel welded or connected with high strength bolts and the sieve structure, between the two sides of the steel plate with flange seamless steel pipe or steel connected, screen box is fixed with screen mesh or screen plate. Shaker in accordance with different forms of work there are two forms of installation: 1, in the upper part of the screen box; 2. The shaker is the main component of vibration, and its layout will directly affect the motion track and screening effect of the shaker working face.

Screen is vibrating screen under the impact of the largest component, above it, the material classification, dehydration, removal medium, so it is also the most easily damaged parts, the shape of the screen hole and layout directly affect the screening effect.

In order to reduce the impact of vibration on the foundation, vibrating screen using spring vibration and work, vibration and noise generated in the work is very large, causing environmental pollution, reasonable layout of the spring can reduce the impact of vibration on the ground, improve the use of vibrating screen quality, prolong the working life of vibrating screen.


Under the action of different forms of shaker, vibrating screen according to different trajectory vibration, so that the material along the working face movement, screening. When the shaker adopts different kinematic parameters, the material moves in accordance with different trajectories.

1. Relative static: the material moves with the working face without relative motion.

2, forward sliding: material and working face contact, along the direction of movement.

3, reverse movement: the material and the working face contact, in the direction of conveying the relative reverse movement.

4, throwing motion: the material on the working surface is thrown up, along the work face forward parabolic motion. With respect to different materials, different trajectories are used for screening.


Under the given vibration intensity, vibrating screen vibration, material on the working screen surface for throwing rolling or moving, obtained a certain speed of material particles, with a certain kinetic energy. The greater the kinetic energy, the more violent the motion. First to overcome the friction between the screen surface and other materials, gradually into the upper layer of the material layer.

On the contrary, the small particles fall, closer to the screen surface and screen hole. In the same vibration system, the kinetic energy of the material is proportional to the mass, the bigger the gap between the size of the material particles, the bigger the gap between the kinetic energy, so the material can be layered on the screen surface. After reaching the screen surface of small particles and the size of the screen hole, the small through the screen hole, the large stay on the screen surface, so as to achieve the separation and classification of coarse and fine materials.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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