What Are The Dewatering Vibrating Screens Of TSX?

There are seven types of TSX vibrating screens: horizontal vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, flip-flop vibrating screen, high-frequency screen, circular motion vibrating screen, sieve bends and grizzly feeders. There are three kinds of high-frequency screens, horizontal screens using stainless steel slit panel with polyurethane frames and sieve bends.

High Frequency Sand Mesh Sieve Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

TSX horizontal vibrating screen can only be used for dewatering when the panel used is stainless steel profile panel with polyurethane frame, and TSX high-frequency dewatering screen also uses stainless steel slit panel with polyurethane frame.

The opening rate of TSX stainless steel slit panel with polyurethane frame is higher than that of ordinary screen panel. The stainless-steel part of the stainless-steel slit panel with polyurethane frame of polyurethane frame is wear-resistant, and the polyurethane frame is convenient for disassembly.

TSX sieve bend dewatering screen uses special bend sieve, which are divided into stainless steel bend sieve and efficient bend sieve. The stainless-steel curved sieve panel is characterized by non-magnetism, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance; The high efficiency curved sieve panel is characterized by high porosity, light weight, and high corrosion resistance.

TSX dewatering vibrating screen is light in weight, high in strength, low in energy consumption, low in operating noise and maintenance free. The design and production of sieve panel are at the leading level in China, with high opening rate, no clogging of screen gap, good effect of medium removal and dewatering, and long service life. To ensure the quality of product, all screens must pass the static and dynamic tests by instruments before delivery.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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