What Are The Differences Between Vibrating Sieve Plates?

Nowadays, there are various types of vibrating screens, and they are widely used, no matter which type of screening equipment, the screen plate is an indispensable part. It is in direct contact with the material and is an important component. The selection of the screen plate has a great impact on the screening efficiency of various materials
  Polyurethane screen is also better to use, wear resistance is better, polyurethane itself has a high modulus of elasticity, high strength to absorb impact, wear resistance, high tensile strength, so its high bearing capacity is suitable for coal mines, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore and other classification, dewatering, screening and other places, is a vibrating screen must be configured components.

But the production cost is high, the stainless steel screen has The screen hole rule, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, can be suitable for heavy media coal processing plant dewatering operations
 TSX is an excellent exporter of vibrating screen and vibrating screen plate, with many types of screen plates, such as stainless steel woven screen plate, stainless steel perforated screen plate, stainless steel slit screen plate, curved screen plate, polyurethane slit screen plate, slack screen plate, polyurethane mesh screen, etc.

Among them, polyurethane stainless steel perforated screen plate has the characteristics of high open rate, impact resistance, easy installation, low vibration noise, and partial replacement of damaged parts. Polyurethane stainless steel braided sieve plate has high open aperture rate can be used for classification.

Polyurethane stainless steel slitting sieve plate has the characteristics of high dewatering rate, slack sieve plate is flexible without skeleton, stainless steel curved sieve plate has the advantages of non-magnetic, wear-resistant and high corrosion resistance, polyurethane slitting sieve plate has high opening rate and high dewatering rate than ordinary vibrating sieve mesh.



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