What Are The Different Design Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

The properties of the rectangular vibrating screen are similar to those of the circular vibrating screen. vibration passes the product through a sieve to check for foreign matter. However, this brings an additional function: it is possible to move the powder from one point to another. the vibration was actually designed to give the particles a horizontal motion. Therefore, in some cases, such a rectangular vibrating screen can be used as a feeder. The design of the machine is important, especially when it comes to deliveries, as proper flow control is also a prerequisite to avoid overflow of the sieve.

There are different ways to generate oscillations by themselves. use a two-balance system in a horizontal screen. The balancing will alternately encourage and delay the direction of oscillation, depending on where on each rotation the counterweight is balanced.

Why TSX vibrating screen to make sure the ore is in contact with the sieve. through the vibrating screen, the rock will jump from above. This means that when the stone travels the length of the screen, it will be able to hit the screen mesh at the correct angle to break through the screen. If the stone is small enough, it will be removed from the chain. Of course, the big stone will be delivered to the next stage.

Depending on the capacity and size of the feed material, there can be two screens per machine.

About the TSX design, it is common to install a sieve in front of the secondary crusher to bypass any ore that was fine enough to reduce unnecessary work. does not require very dense filtration, also can use some kind of mobile rod or ring screen, but the modern method of using Hummer type heavy vibrating screen, this screen has no outward movement of the wear part; the vibrator is fully enclosed and the only wear part is the screen surface.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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