What Are The Different Of Trommel And TSX Vibrating creen?

Now many industries, such as coal mining, energy industry, and construction industry, choose to use machines to reduce labor and improve efficiency. There are many types of machines used in coal mining, such as roller screens and vibrating screens, which have different functions.

The roller screen is an inclined roller device installed on the rack. When the materials enter the drum device, they rotate and tilt, and then discharge from the upper and lower openings respectively, to achieve the screening effect.

TSX vibrating screens include horizontal vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, flip-flop vibrating screen, circular motion vibrating screen, sieve bendshigh-frequency screen, and grizzly feeders.

Vibrating Screen Machine Price

The vibrating screen of TSX uses the vibration of the motor to drive the vibration of the sieve plate, so that the material is thrown up by the sieve plate or centrifugally moved, and the material is discharged from its corresponding outlet, to achieve the effect of classification, dehydration and desliming. The screen body of the screen is uniformly painted and sandblasted for anti-corrosion treatment, so that it can be used longer.

TSX vibration exciter also uses SKF special vibration bearing, which has large excitation force, low noise, and long service life. The design of the sieve plate is also China’s leading level, with high opening rate, difficult plugging of the screen gap, good dehydration and disintermediation effect, and longer service life.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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