What Are The Directions Of Vibrating Screen Motor?

Vibrating screen mainly uses the exciter to drive the screen mesh to occur reciprocal rotary vibration to complete the work of the material sieving machine, the vibration motor steering mentioned here refers to the steering on a vibrating screen equipment, the use of two motors, the direction of the two motors need to be installed in the opposite direction in order to have a higher screening effect. The following is an example of a linear screen and a circular vibrating screen:

  The linear screen is driven by two exciters, while the vibration motor of the linear vibrating screen needs to be installed on the side plate of the vibrating screen, which simplifies the structure of the vibrating screen and makes the operation more convenient.

The two forces should be combined in the same straight line, when the two exciters run at the same time, the excitation forces in opposite directions will cancel each other and synthesize a force in the vertical direction of the motor shaft, so the movement track of the screen machine is straight, driven by the vibration, the material will also be thrown up on the screen surface to do a straight line movement, so as to complete the screening task of the material. It can be applied to several scenarios to screen various materials.
  The motion track of circular vibrating screen is different from linear screen, it is circular or oval, it has a motor, the motor of circular vibrating screen needs to be installed horizontally, perpendicular to the direction of material flow, such installation can ensure its excitation force, the center track of screen body is circular.

The material enters from the inlet, after the vibration of the screen body, the material is thrown up and down on the screen surface, the larger material is left on top, the smaller material passes through the screen hole, and the material achieves the effect of screening.

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