What Are The Disadvantages Of Vibrating Screens?

1.The vibrating screen is not suitable for materials with high moisture and adhesion. When the vibrating screen is working, the vibration makes the material adhere to the screen surface more tightly, which will cause material congestion or be forced to Getting stuck with boredom causes the shaker to shut down.

2. The working noise and dust of the vibrating screen are heavy. Large one-time investment The high-frequency screen has advanced technology and strong working ability, which is also based on its high price. A boss once calculated an account for me. If he wants to buy a high-frequency screen, the screen costs 570,000 yuan and the installation fee is 5,000 yuan.

The total is 575,000 yuan. , the installation fee is 12,000, and the public calculation is 312,000, and the difference between the two is 263,000. The so-called high-frequency

screen can make up for these early investments in the later work, with high work efficiency and low probability of failure, but for users who do not have sufficient funds, this one-time investment at the time of purchase is really painful.

3. Defects in the structure itself Although the vibration amplitude of the high-frequency screen is not large, the vibration frequency is very high, and the material strength of the equipment is relatively high. Compared with foreign countries, my country’s materials can’t meet the requirements in terms of structural strength, so the service life can’t keep up. We can only use 3-5 years of equipment that has been used abroad for 8 years.

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