What Are The Factors Affecting The Screening Ability Of The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Detail the impact of the five main factors of the screening capacity of the vibrating screen machine, the screening capacity of the vibrating screen machine is affected by many factors, what are the most important factors? Today We introduce the influence of its vibrating screen screening small cabinet factors as follows:

1, particles in the shape of sieve hole

The vibrating screen machine depends on its, the size of the screening particles to achieve the effect of particle screening, so the size of the material particles will affect the screening effect.

The capacity of screening can be judged according to the particle size of the material.

2, the opening rate of the screen surface

The larger the opening rate of the screen surface, the better the performance, the better the strength of the screen, the higher the opening rate of the woven screen than the punching screen, so the performance of the former is better than the latter.

  1. Material layer thickness

The thickness of the material layer will have a certain impact on the screening capacity of the vibrating screen, the layer of the material is too thick will block, small particles of the material for screening, so as to affect the screening effect of the vibrating screen.

The thickness of the material is one of the most serious factors affecting the vibrating screen.

4, the motion of the sieve body

The movement form of the material is mainly divided into two kinds

One is: horizontal movement

Two: vertical movement, so which of the two forms is better than the other? In fact, the combination of the two is the best, both can complement each other’s shortcomings.

The movement of the material is one of the factors that determines whether the material can be sieved quickly.

5, material characteristics

The specific material mainly includes: water content, granularity, friction, fluidity, etc. Take flour as an example: its water content is too high, it will be easy to agglomerate, not easy to sieve. If: its particles are too large is not conducive to its screening, so we should ensure its dryness when choosing the material screening.

The characteristics of a material play a crucial role in its sieving.

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