What Are The Factors Affecting The Screening Efficiency Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen screening is a widely used particle classification method, which is very effective. Whether both coal industry and mineral processing industry will use vibrating screen.

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But screening a more complex process, vibration the screening efficiency of the screen will be affected by many factors. In order to effectively improve the screening rate of the vibrating screen, It is necessary to effectively analyze the influencing factors and find ways to improve screening efficiency.

  1. Vibration motor performance

The vibrating motor is the power source of the vibrating screen, so the performance of the vibrating motor directly affects the performance of the vibrating screen work efficiency. The reasonable design of the vibrating motor can improve the working efficiency of the vibrating screen.

According to specific work suitable vibrating motor shall be selected to ensure effective provision of exciting force. The supply of incentive force is to improve students’ health important conditions for productivity. The greater the exciting force, the greater the vibration intensity of the vibrating screen, that is, the screening efficiency the higher.

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However, it should be noted that if the motor runs at a fast speed and the excitation force is too large, it is easy to the motor is damaged due to friction between them. The eccentric block in the vibration motor is the power source to generate the exciting force,eccentricity of eccentric block is an important factor affecting the exciting force, which can be changed by adjusting the eccentricity.This force can ensure that the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen can be improved without damaging the vibrating motor.

  1. Apply properties of objects

The application object of vibrating screen is the materials to be screened in various industries, such as coal resources for mineral raw materials of mining industry, the vibrating screen machine needs to carry out different treatments such as classification, disintermediation, desliming and dehydration.

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