What Are The Factors That Affect Amplitude Of TSX Vibrating Screen ?

Influence of amplitude of vibrating screen: If the amplitude of vibrating screen is too large, the screen hole blockage will be greatly reduced, which is also conducive to layering. Therefore, increasing the amplitude is conducive to material transportation and screen weight. However, if the amplitude requirement is exceeded, the damage to the equipment will be greater.

On the contrary, if the amplitude is very small, the screen hole will be blocked, which is not conducive to the screening and layering of large materials, but the damage to the equipment is small. Therefore, if the amplitude is adjusted to a reasonable requirement, the service life of the vibrating screen mesh and the vibrator bearing will be extended.

Factors affecting amplitude:

1、 Model of vibrating screen. In general, the larger the model of vibrating screen is, the larger the selected amplitude is.

2、 The effect of the exciter. The exciter is the main power source of the vibrating screen. The stronger the exciting force generated by the exciter, the greater the amplitude. On the contrary, if the exciting force decreases, the amplitude will also decrease accordingly.

3、 Size of feeding amount. The handling capacity of each type of vibrating screen is certain, and the appropriate type is selected according to the production requirements.

4、 The influence of vibration frequency. The higher the vibration frequency is, the greater the amplitude of the vibrating screen is, and the greater the production capacity is.

5、 Spring position and stiffness. The change of the overall stiffness of the spring will produce torque in different directions, causing the shale shaker to swing and vibrate, which will affect the amplitude of the shale shaker.

Generally, the amplitude is selected by the particle size and property of the material to be screened, and different amplitude and frequency are selected for different operating conditions. The amplitude is correspondingly increased. In addition, it is selected according to the nature of the material. For example, when the linear screen is used for classification, the amplitude is slightly larger, and when it is used for dehydration, the amplitude should be smaller.

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