What Are The Four Forms Of Vibrating Screen Deck?

The screen deck is the basic component of the vibrating screen, which has many shapes and sizes of certain sieve holes. When the stone is sieved on a sieve deck, the stone that passes through the sieve hole is the product under the sieve, and the stone that remains on the sieve deck is called the product on the sieve. According to the structure of the screen deck, the screen deck can be divided into bar screen deck, plate screen deck, woven screen deck and wavy screen deck, etc.

(1) bar screen deck. The bar screen deck is composed of steel rods with a parallel arrangement of irregular sections. The sectional shapes of various bars. This screen deck is used in fixed screen or heavy vibrating screen, suitable for the granularity of more than 50M coarse grain grade stone screening.

(2) plate shaped screen deck. The plate screen deck is usually composed of steel plate with a thickness of 5-8m, and the thickness of the steel plate is generally not more than 12mm. The shapes of the sieve holes are round, square and rectangular. The aperture or side length shall not be less than o.75M, and the gap between the holes shall be greater than or equal to 0.9 times of the aperture or side length. The advantages of this screen deck is more uniform wear, longer service life, sieve is not easy to plug; The disadvantage is the small effective area.

(3) woven screen deck. The braided screen deck is woven or welded with steel bars with a diameter of 3-16m. The shape of the sieve hole is square, rectangular or rectangular. Braided screen deck with square mesh. The advantages of woven screen deck are high opening rate, light weight, easy to manufacture; The disadvantage is short service life. In order to improve the service life of braided screen deck, the material of steel wire should be spring steel or stainless steel. Braided screen deck is suitable for sieving of middle grade stone pole.

(4) wavy screen deck. The undulating screen deck is composed of sieve strips pressed into undulating shape. The shape of the undulating screen deck, whose adjacent screen strips constitute the screen holes. The aperture size of the undulating screen deck is determined by the wave amplitude. In order to make the stone falling convenient, the cross section of the sieve bar is made into an inverted trapezoid. In the work, each screen strip has a certain vibration, which can reduce the material blockage phenomenon, on the other hand, it can intensify the vibration of the material on the screen deck, improve the material through the sieve string.

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