What Are The Functions Of Coal Sieving Screen?

Speaking of dewatering screens, many owners of coal preparation, mineral processing, and stone factories are no strangers. It can be used not only for stone dehydration, coal slime recovery, but also for tailings dry discharge. Because of its powerful functions, it is deeply loved by users. So, how can we buy a high-quality and cheap dehydration sieve?

Customers want a high-quality and low-cost dewatering screen, and the manufacturer is the key. At present, there are many manufacturers producing dehydration screens in the market, the production process is uneven, and the quality of equipment is also good or bad. Therefore, when choosing a dewatering screen manufacturer, you must look at its relevant qualification certificates.

Complete qualification certificates can facilitate users to judge whether the manufacturer is legal. Regular and reliable manufacturers can guarantee the quality of the vibrating screen, and there will be professionals who will provide detailed guidance on the operation of the dewatering sieve, which can avoid adverse effects on the product due to ignorance of how to use it.

In actual production, sand washing machines are generally used in conjunction with dewatering screens. Because the sand washed out by the sand washing machine is actually not clean, and there is still a lot of muddy water, which cannot meet the production needs.

After the sand passes through the sand washing machine, it needs to be washed twice with a dewatering screen to remove excess soil and water. The dehydration screen is small in size, cheap in price and powerful in function. The sand passing through the dewatering screen can be directly loaded and unloaded without accumulation and drainage.

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