What Are The Functions Of The TSX Shale Shaker Distributed?

  1. Functions of screening materials

In order to distinguish materials, the vibrating screen equipment is equipped with 60-400 mesh screens, which can easily separate materials for classification or further processing.

Conclusion: The vibrating screen has 60-400 mesh, and the material screening is more refined.

  1. Effect of screening impurities

Conclusion: The vibrating screen has wide classification and many choices for screening impurities.

  1. The role of material grading

In some production lines, the particle size of materials is not the same, and the particle size is very different. The materials can be graded by using the vibrating screen equipment, and sieved to different production lines in the next stage according to the particle size, up to 6 levels can be divided to achieve more refined production activities.

Conclusion: The vibrating screen has a unique design and does not block the screen for liquid filtration.

  1. 4. Effect of material dehydration

 The working surface of roller screen is composed of rolling shafts arranged horizontally. As far as fruit juice is concerned, granular solid fruit juice is often used to make fruit juice, and circular vibrating sieve can well realize solid-liquid separation to achieve satisfactory results for businesses.

The above three functions can be completed by conventional circular vibrating sieve. However, in these three functions, the size, mesh material and layer of rotary shale shakers used by enterprises are different, but their general work flow is the same

Particle size classification

It is similar to the inspection sieve, but provides more accurate separation of screened products. The product quality and safety can be improved by decomposing lumps and filtering out oversized particles, pollutants and debris, which is suitable for small processes, batch production or short-term production operation.

  In fact, another function of the vibrating screen is to grind the powder samples. Put the samples in the grinding tank, put the grinding balls and samples to be ground in the grinding tank, put the grinding tank on the vibrating plate of the vibrating screen, and turn on the vibrating screen. The grinding balls will jump in the grinding tank, which can grind the sample.

The vibrating screen is complete in classification, and there is a special machine for material dehydration.The above is the function of vibrating screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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