What Are The Functions Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

TSX is a high quality of the sieve sieve plate exporters, are mainly exported to the high frequency sieve, banana sieve, linear sieve, sieve bend, remittent sieve, round vibration sieve and bar feeder, which they don’t do the same thing, like a straight line screen and banana screen can be used for large and medium size of coal and non coal material classification, desliming, medium; High frequency screen can be used for slime, foam coal dehydration and non – medium sand dehydration;

Arc screen can be used to transfer the process of foam coal, slime dehydration dehydration medium non-coal sand; Circular vibrating screen can be used for one or two classification of conventional materials; Flaccid screen can be used for sticky material classification; Bar sieves can be used for feeding and pre-sieving.

The working principle of its vibrating screen is: the exciter in the vibrating screen drives vibration, some production lines in the particle size of the material is not all the same, the particle size is very different, the use of vibrating screen equipment can be graded materials, according to the size of the particle size are screened into different next stage of the production line, up to 6 levels, in order to achieve more refined production activities. The material moves on the screen.

Due to the movement of the screen body the screen plate will also move with the material will be thrown up and fall down, the larger material will stay on top of the screen plate, the smaller material will pass through the screen hole, so as to achieve the effect of grading and screening, and the dewatering screen is by running with two motors together, and the vibration of the screen body makes the tension on the surface of the material reduced.

TSX’s vibrating screen has a long life, simple operation is suitable for screening and dewatering in coal plants, chemical plants, sand and gravel plants.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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