What Are The Functions Of TSX Vibrating Screen Distributed?

Compared with the situation that only large heavy industries used vibrating screens in the past, more and more small and medium-sized production enterprises have begun to use vibrating screens for fine operations as an important process in the production line.

Vibrating screen equipment refers to the equipment for screening materials in the production line. As an important mechanical equipment in the production line, vibrating screen equipment has many functions.

Quickly separate the materials you need, separate the mixed materials of different sizes, and separate the liquid from the solid to remove unwanted impurities,there are three functions of vibrating screen: classification, filtration and impurity removal.

  1. Functions of screening materials

 In order to distinguish materials, the vibrating screen equipment is equipped with 60-400 mesh screens, which can easily separate materials for classification or further processing.

Conclusion: The vibrating screen has 60-400 mesh, and the material screening is more refined.

  1. Effect of screening impurities

Conclusion: The vibrating screen has wide classification and many choices for screening impurities.

  1. The role of material grading

In some production lines, the particle size of materials is not the same, and the particle size is very different. The materials can be graded by using the vibrating screen equipment, and sieved to different production lines in the next stage according to the particle size, up to 6 levels can be divided to achieve more refined production activities.

Conclusion: Vibrating screen can screen 2-5 layers at the same time, and the layer by layer screening is more clear.

  1. Function of filtering liquid

Conclusion: The vibrating screen has a unique design and does not block the screen for liquid filtration.

  1. Effect of material dehydration

Summary: The vibrating screen is completely classified, and there are special machines for material dehydration.

At present, the common vibrating screens on the market are mainly mining vibrating screens, light fine vibrating screens and experimental vibrating screens. In fact, there are many industries that can use this equipment in our life, including chemistry, food and spices, plastics and mining; Material requirements: large output, high precision medicine, wood and plywood, metallurgy, rubber, feed, fertilizer, sugar, salt, recycling industry

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TSX Screen

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