What Are The Functions Of TSX Vibrating Screen Springs?

Vibrating screens are now widely used in various occasions, and have large uses, such as dehydration, screening, grading, etc. in coal yards, mines, construction and other places. One part is an essential part of the vibrating screen equipment. The spring of the vibrating screen is a part that can reduce the vibration of the vibrating screen. It can increase the life of the vibrating screen and play a buffering role.

It is widely used in various vibrating equipment and can make the material move in a straight line on the vibrating screen to prevent damage to the vibrating screen. Among them, the shock absorbing spring plays a fixed role in the design of the vibrating screen.

Vibrating screens are generally made of rubber, metal springs, air springs, cork, felt, etc. The shock absorbing springs can be divided into rubber springs, steel wire compression springs, composite springs and rubber air springs.

Steel wire compression spring: steel wire compression spring is mostly circular, and there will be a gap between the rings, which will shrink under the action of external force for shock absorption; rubber spring is made of natural rubber, which is a kind of High-elastic springs are waterproof, high temperature resistant, low cost, and long service life.

Composite springs combine the materials of rubber springs and steel wire springs, and combine their advantages, and are suitable for use in large equipment; rubber air springs, Air is injected between the inner and outer layers, and the compressibility of the air is used to achieve the elasticity of the spring, but vibrating screens are rarely used.

After the vibrating screen operates, it is necessary to regularly maintain and replace the shock absorbing spring, otherwise there will be problems with the vibrating screen, and the length of the vibrating screen spring should be the same to maintain balance.

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