What Are The Functions Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a very common large screening machine, often found in mines, coal mining, chemical plants and other places, TSX vibrating screen has a variety of types can be used to screen materials, . Screening impurities, material classification, filtering liquids, material dewatering, etc.

Including banana screen, linear screen can be used for high fines content of large and medium-sized coal and non-coal material classification, circular vibrating screen can be used for conventional materials of the first and second classification, Chi Zhang screen can be screened viscous materials, high frequency screen can be used for coal mine froth, coal slurry dewatering, can also be used for non-coal fine sand dewatering, arc screen.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

It is suitable for dewatering and demineralization of froth coal and coal slurry in coal mines, and can also be used for dewatering of non-coal fines, and the bar feeder is suitable for pre-screening of large size materials.

The vibrating screen of TSX has the features of long life, simple operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The finite element analysis method is adopted to make the structure design reasonable, eliminate stress concentration, avoid resonance, improve the reliability of the screen machine and run smoothly.

The sieve machine can be specially designed according to the special requirements of customers and provided with on-site assembly. Each sieve machine is tested by FFT professional analyzer for static and dynamic performance before leaving the factory to ensure 100% passing rate before the product leaves the factory. And we have advanced production equipment.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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