What Are The Main Parts Of TSX Vibrating Machine?

Vibrating screen machine is a screening machine used for material classification, dehydration, desliming and medium removal. It can be used in construction, energy, coal mining and other industries. It also has many kinds, including linear vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, flip screen, circular motion vibrating screen, sieve bends and grizzly feeders.

The TSX vibrating screen machine is mainly composed of screen body, intermediate shaft, main drive shaft, drive system, buffer spring and screen plate. The screen body is composed of cross beam and vibration exciter.

The drive system is composed of 4-pole three-phase motor, belt drive and secondary shaft assembly. The transmission mechanism adopts SPB belt transmission for speed regulation and deceleration to transmit power, and the belt tension is adjusted by the guide rail seat lead screw tightening motor. The steel spiral spring or rubber spring is used between the screen body and the base of the vibrating screen machine for vibration isolation and buffering.

The damping efficiency is above 98%. The sieve plate is also divided into polyurethane sieve plate, polyurethane frame stainless steel sieve plate, stainless steel sieve plate, injection molding sieve plate and relaxation sieve plate.

The screen structure of TSX vibrating screen machine is optimized through finite element analysis and design. It is light in weight, with high fatigue resistance, reliability, and service life. The surface shall be sprayed with polyester protective paint after the sand blasting treatment reaches Sa2.5. The intermediate shaft is a telescopic spline for easy disassembly. The main motor is a new type of motor with large starting torque and fast acceleration, which can make the vibrating screen machine pass through the resonance zone quickly. The selected motor has high performance index and reliable operation.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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