What Are The Methods Of TSX Vibration Screen Troubleshooting?

The vibrating screen needs to work for a long time when it is working, and it needs to be maintained regularly. Check more to avoid problems caused by wear and heating of the vibrating screen. In order to avoid damage to the vibrating screen, the inspection and maintenance of the vibrating screen should be carried out frequently.

Weekly, monthly, yearly inspections are performed. This can make the life of the vibrating screen longer and more durable. All parts on the vibrating screen should be installed firmly and cannot be loosened or damaged. The sieve plate should be durable and the most suitable one should be selected. Problems found should be dealt with immediately without delay.

When the vibrating screen breaks down, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to check each time. You must learn how to troubleshoot the vibrating screen. The following is the method for troubleshooting the vibrating screen.

1. Failure to start or small amplitude may be due to damage to the motor, damage to the original components in the control circuit, lack of voltage, excessive accumulation of materials on the screen surface, failure of the vibrator, and viscous lubricant in the vibrator; the elimination methods are: replace Motor, replacement of original parts, change of power supply, cleaning of sieve surface materials, inspection of vibrator, live cleaning of vibrator plus suitable lubricant;

2. Abnormal operation of materials, which may be that the screen box is not square horizontally, the support spring rigidity is too large or damaged The screen surface is damaged and the feeding is uneven. The troubleshooting method: adjust the height of the bracket, adjust the spring, adjust the screen surface, and evenly operate and stabilize the feeding to check the screen surface.

3. During normal operation, the rotation of the screen machine slows down and the bearing heats up, so check the bearing.

It is necessary to regularly check the operation of the vibrating screen, timely detection and early treatment, to avoid losses.

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